Analysis Of The Article 'First, Eat All The Lawyers'

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In the article, “First, Eat All the Lawyers,” by Torie Bosch, she starts it off with some information about the popular TV series, The Walking Dead. She says that for a mediocre zombie show, over 7 million people watched it. Aside from the fact that zombies are the new craze, Bosch believes that “the zombie apocalypse is a white-collar nightmare: a world with no need for skills we have developed” (Bosch). Survivors of the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead are people that come from hard labored jobs, not people that went through years of schooling to sit at a desk for a career. When fighting for your life as you are swarmed by zombies, your ability to get someone thrown in jail is not going to help you. Also stated in this article, Bosch

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