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Adriel Morel 7/18/15 It starts with a trip to Urban Outfitters According to the article “Native American Headdresses Facts for Kids”, 18th and 19th century Plain Indians (Native Americans who resided on the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies) introduced the world to the Feathered war bonnet as a way to place honor and respect among the men who demonstrated bravery and valor. The article explains that during the time, Plain Native American tribes sought to see the eagle as the greatest and best bird amongst all birds; symbolizing strength and fearlessness, which is why the feathered war bonnets were made from eagle feathers. The articles states …show more content…

Acts that would guarantee you a feather(s) were, bravery during war, political prosperity or gain, acts of valor, and other things that might’ve helped the tribe prosper or survive. Some warriors would only be awarded 3 to 4 feathers in their lifetime; hence the difficulty of obtaining a complete full headdress. Keeping in mind the fact that procuring a single feather means actually demonstrating honorable acts, it’s pretty evident as to why the headdress was an important custom of the Plain Native Americans. Likewise, the article “Native American Technology and Art: Dream Catchers” makes the statement that the dreamcatcher was a Native American custom that developed from the Ojibwe people and was later adopted by other surrounding and neighboring tribes. The legend holds that a spider women by the name of Asibikaashi took care of the people and the land of the Ojibwe people. Eventually the people from the tribe spread out all over North America and it became difficult for the spider women to reach and protect all her children. Eventually, grandmothers and mothers would weave a magical web for the children which would then form the dreamcatchers. The dreamcatcher was usually hung somewhere over the children and would filter out the bad dreams and only let positive thoughts and dreams in. When the sun rose, all negative energy would disappear as the sun light

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