Analysis Of The Article ' Undocumented Immigrants '

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Language is essential to every interaction and aspect in human’s everyday lives. Imagine a world without language, everyone will be mute and doesn’t have any connection with each other. Being able to communicate through language with each other forms bonds and that’s what make human different from any animal species. And language gives us a unique and diverse characters to each of us.
In the article of Undocumented Immigrants, the writer (Forest) talks about how the uses of language is so important. The main thesis of the article is that the using of stereotypical terms to describe anyone from autistic children to undocumented immigrants are unacceptable, that is why we need to use more appropriate words to describe something. He claims that language is power. The writer is also successful in making the uses of rhetoric by giving us a real life story of Jose Antonio Vargas. Vargas was tired of all the pejorative language used to describe individuals in immigrants communities: “illegal aliens”. He braved himself to draw attention to the need for just immigration reform, and to insist the uses of language that validates individual’s humanity. The other article which is the Please, Thank You, it talks mainly about how studying language can make one succeed but it can also affects their culture. The majority of people in the world know english as a foreign language, the writer proves it by giving us statistics (logos). Many students in foreign countries that speak english as a

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