Analysis Of The Book ' Amistad '

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Amistad Paper
Anna- Intro and Closing
Deja→ 1-5
Ryan→ 6-10
Valerie→ 11-16
Wynton→ 19-23 The earliest record of slavery was in the Code of Hammurabi, which originated in Babylon during 18th century BC. Slavery thrived centuries later in the Mediterranean in the 13th century, and the Portuguese slave trade began in the 15th century, supplying slaves to Europe. While slavery existed in the past all over the world, the systematic kidnap and illegal trade of humans thrived in the 18th century with the beginning of the triangular trade. Throughout the records of the North Atlantic slave trade, it is recorded that 12.5 million Africans were kidnapped and sold into slavery. The movie Amistad tracks one slave ship, out of the millions. The revolt, court case, and subsequent release of the slaves aboard the ship The Amistad shows the pain and suffering that came out of the slave trade. As the movie Amistad begins, we notice how slaves are eager to escape, especially Cinque. His cleverness of harming himself to the extent of blood seeping from his hands just to free himself physically and emotionally, helps draw one’s attention on the movie and on slavery as well. When everyone was freed, it was as if the roles were switched. The slaves are now leaders while the two white sailors are held hostage. As a group we noticed how the conversations were not translated, so it is up to the viewers to depict and realize what is happening in the scene. Cinque and his friends did not rejoice

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