Analysis Of The Book ' Animals By Simon Rich

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Synthesis Essay Animals by Simon Rich is an outstanding short story which takes a unique perspective on the everyday life in a classroom. The story is written from the point of view of a hamster who spends his tortured life entrapped in a cage. From the first point in this story it is clear that the purpose of the writing is not to understand the hamster, but rather to analyse the different actions of the people, and to discover that how they act towards the hamsters reflects on their character. It is curious to view the everyday interactions of people through a different set of eyes, that is done by humanizing the narrator’s perspective. Based on the actions of the many people and the treatment of the class pet, the author suggests that human nature is very much a product of the financial circumstances a person is subjected to. There are a couple of key characters in this story, the first of which is Simon. He is just one of many strikingly similar students in homeroom 2k. Simon, like many of the students is irresponsible, and unsympathetic towards the hamsters. Simon jeopardizes the lives of the hamsters by attempting to joke around instead of completing his assigned task, which involves giving them food and water. The majority of the story takes place in a private school, and the reader can make the assumption that the student’s parents are wealthy. The author portrays simon as well as the other kids in a bad light, that they are, by default, poorly behaved and somewhat

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