Analysis Of The Book ' Auschwitz '

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Primo Levi or as the Nazi’s renamed him 174517, was 25 when the Italian fascist captured him leading to his 11 months in Auschwitz. 174517 became his new way of identifying himself because it was believed only a man is worthy of a name. Survival in Auschwitz is his first hand account of his struggles to maintain a sense of humanity when his surroundings are trying to do the opposite. For Primo the war never ended- after being liberated by the Russians, Primo Levi continues to battle a psychological war that originated from his time in Auschwitz, leading to the transition into his other book The Reawakening, an account of his life after Auschwitz.
Primo walked while staring at the ground as if he were still in Auschwitz looking for scraps …show more content…

This movie is based on the true story of Chris Kyle who was the “legend” and the movie comes from the book American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History that was his autobiography that was publicized the year before he died. Just like many other soldiers, Chris Kyle had the desire to go back to war because it became what his life evolved around. Being at home he felt out of place and he wanted to return to the action in Iraq. His wife, like many others did not want him to go back on his 4th tour because it was just unsafe and she wanted her child to have a father figure. Being gone for 9 months without seeing their dad and husband is not easy for the family to go through. The fourth piece of their family puzzle was missing and as a result his piece shifted and did not fit the puzzle after deploying to Iraq. When back home at a barbeque, his kids were playing with their dog outside and what seem to them as playing seemed to him as the dog going to hurt them. He runs over, whips out his belt and was going to hit the dog like if it was just a natural reaction even if the dog was his own.
This scnene relates to the book Redeployment, by Phil Klay as the first chapter of the book, the protagonist talks about how they use to kill dogs during the war. When he returned home, his family wanted to get rid of there dog by putting it to sleep, he believed there was no need for that so he

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