Analysis Of The Book ' Deer Powers ' Essay

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Deer Powers The setting was early November, the weather was cool, the leaves crisp and falling to the force of the frigid fall breeze. Deer season was in full swing, while Jon and Lance were on a mission to kill a monster buck the two of them had been watching. Over the course of the last two months Jon and Lance had been bowhunting several times in search of the monster buck the two of them had seen. This buck was bigger than either one of them had ever seen. The buck stood as tall as a horse and the bucks rack went towering in the sky, which was visible from miles away. With the size of this buck it should be super easy to hunt him they though, he cannot hide very good. There was an issue though, because every time Jon and Lance seen this monster buck in the woods while hunting, strange things seemed to happen. For example, every time Jon or Lance sighted the buck it would quickly vanish into thin air. As weird as that seems to be that is not the craziest thing that has happened. Every time the buck would vanish there would be some sort of violence directed towards Jon or Lance. One time for instance, the buck was spotted between Jon and lance while hunting and it disappeared. Soon after that Jon just about got shot in the head with an arrow. Jon was just sitting there in his tree stand dazed at the pure amazement of the buck disappearing and he felt a quick breeze go by his head followed by a loud crack in the tree. There was an arrow stuck in the tree

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