Analysis Of The Book ' Into The Wild ' By Jon Krakauer

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Rebellions can have both a negative and positive outcome not matter what the cause. In the book “Into the Wild”, written by Jon Krakauer, the character Chris McCandless embarks on a journey of ultimate freedom and exemption. Washington and McCandless are similar because they did something most people would not. They both stepped out of the ordinary society and decided to do what they think is best. For example, Washington led the Continental Army against the great British Empire, and Chris left his normal and traditional life, to seek a life of adventure and determined to go on a journey across the United States. Washington became the first president of the United States. Washington was also the only one qualified to defend and lead our …show more content…

Without Washington, we may never have won the Revolutionary War, and our country would not be the same today. Washington won the war for us, and only he could’ve done that. “Washington’s greatest wartime legacy was his decision to surrender his commission to Congress, affirming the principle of civilian control of the military in the new United States” (Ebscohost). Washington never had to leave or give up his title as general or president of the United States.
Washington hoped to free the 13 Colonies from a new revolution. “The American Revolution had led to increasing philosophical and political differences between Great Britain and its American colonies” (The Road to Valley Forge). Washington and the United States defied the British and their dictatorial rule over themselves and started a war that made it possible to create the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. “McCandless describes what he is looking for on his odyssey, particularly on the Alaska trip, as ‘ultimate freedom’. It would seem that this largely represents, to him, freedom from other people’s rules and authority over him”. McCandless wanted to live a life free of people always telling him what to do and giving him “orders” all the time. Even though McCandless lived a smooth and effortless life, he still wanted the ability to do things himself.
Washington wanted the create a new country free from British rule and oppression. “George Washington hoped to become a free nation and

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