Analysis Of The Book ' Men We Reaped '

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In the United States, Americans are painfully aware that poverty is a massive upsurge. Americans are getting poor and poor by the minute and that’s a problem. In the book “Men We Reaped” Jesmyn Ward explains that society sees our life being worth nothing. If I had the choice to change poverty I would raise the minimum wage so more people would want to work and the money can at least accommodate for a 3 house family with one person working.
In the book “Men We Reaped” Jesmyn explained about her hometown of DeLisle, on Mississippi 's Gulf Coast. She explained that it was a place ravaged by poverty, drugs and routine violence. Ward was always still brought back to her hometown even though she had the opportunity to leave. With the poverty that happens in the book and my neighborhood are very similar. I am from Queens, New York City where the dope dealers don’t care if they get caught or not. In the book she explained that “I see history, I see racism, I see economic disempowerment, I see all of these things, you know, that come together, or that came together, sort of in this perfect storm here in southern Mississippi, and I feel like that is what is bearing down on our lives." This quote explained that nobody is getting the help that they need, and that there needs to be a solution to this problem. Not only was it just a problem in the book but it’s also a problem here in New York and all over. The negatives about poverty are Malnutrition, and Education. Malnutrition is one of

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