Analysis Of The Book ' Native Son '

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Have you ever pondered why individuals crave the fear and adrenaline in committing a crime? Or how individuals get so frightened by the thought of crime? As I came across multiple quotes this is the one that stuck out the most: “The world is filled with violence. Because Criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.” -James Earl Jones. Those problems occurred in the book Native Son, where the main character, Bigger, is faced with many crimes he created for himself. Bigger robbed many businesses within his neighborhood as well as killing two human beings. As a citizen, he committed many crimes throughout his community, craving the excitement in immorality. The quote mentions guns and how criminals carry concealed weapons, which reflects back to Bigger. As a character in a book, he represents individuals in our society today by carrying around a gun as a safety mechanism. The book showed Bigger never had a good home life, was highly uneducated and had a very low income. All of those issues caused him to commit a variety of crimes to receive what he desperately needed in life. Bigger represents the whole community of zealous criminals. As someone with needs and wants, not achieving what is needed, one will go without hard work and dedication to steal someone else’s values to get by. Such as Bigger did in Native Son. At the same time, the Dalton’s, which is the family Bigger worked

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