Analysis Of The Book ' Savage Minds ' By Adam Fish And Nick Seaver

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Savage Minds is a sociocultural anthropological blog who’s writing is meant to be accessible to the public. The authors vary between graduate students and anthropologists whose relevant discussions may be appreciated by those looking to read for leisure, as well as, anthropologist looking to stay up to date with their colleagues and the modern topics they are entertaining. I have chosen blog posts by Adam Fish and Nick Seaver. Adam Fish is a cultural anthropologist, a teacher and researcher at the Sociology Department of Lancaster University, UK. The blog posts I have chosen written by him are: “The genie is out of the bottle – it’s foolish to think encryption can now be banned” and “Interview: An anthropologist on Tiger Woods”. On the other hand, Nick Seaver is a PhD candidate in anthropology at UC Irvine. Conducting his research with developers of algorithmic music recommender systems in the US. The article I have chosen by him is: “Computers and Sociocultural Anthropology”, a logical tittle for an academic, researching computational system while striving for a doctoral degree in the field. Seaver’s article concerns an “alternate universe anthropology” where Ideas about culture anthropology have been picked up or reinvented by people with no training in anthropology whose sole purpose is economic and technical gain. They are taking on big sociocultural questions and doing it with computers, modeling family ties in social networks, for example, Facebook’s social theories

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