Analysis Of The Book ' The Dark Tower II '

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Sam Stone
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22 December 2016
The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three, by Stephen King

The second tale in the epic series The Dark Tower begins with a signature Stephen King prologue; all goes to hell in the protagonist’s world before the book even properly starts. In the case of The Dark Tower, said protagonist role is filled by none other than Roland Deschain, the wild west gunslinger from a postapocalyptic world (currently “Mid-World”) not unlike our own. Roland begins the tale alone, his most recent companion - a prepubescent boy, John “Jake” Chambers, from our own New York set in 1977- dead, and sacrificed by none other than Roland himself. Even though such a decision was necessary, and ka (destiny or
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He’s close to death, and unsure how he is going to manage completing his task. Seldom has the gunslinger come across harder times, and even less often to blame on none other than his own thoughtlessness. Regardless, one must go on, and so he does, opening the door to Gods only know what kind of world, awaiting his task.
This door leads to the mind of Eddie Dean, a heroin addict also from our New York, 1986. Eddie is in the middle of attempting to smuggle pounds of cocaine through an airport, to exchange for large amounts of heroin. Roland’s understanding stretches as far as “nobody is supposed to know what Eddie has strapped under his shirt.” Roland however, is close to death himself, and manages to use Eddie to get food and a bottle of water back to his own world. Later he also brings Eddie into his world while everyone on the plane thinks he went to the bathroom. They hide the cocaine there temporarily, and Eddie returns to the plane clean as a whistle, and manages to pass customs.
Eddie makes it to his exchange point, and tells the mob boss he can produce the cocaine and explain why he was late, as long as he has privacy for just a second. Henchmen give Eddie a full cavity search to be sure, and then send him into the nearest bathroom to do whatever he thinks he’s
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