Analysis Of The Book ' The First Thing '

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The first thing I noticed that was unique about the way the book was written was that the entire novel takes place in just a single day. Woolf gives the reader so many details, seemingly ordinary ones such as Clarissa going to buy flowers for her party, mending her dress, meeting old acquaintances, etc. However, these everyday interactions (combined with the character 's inner thoughts) create a very clear and complex image of social class, the perception of time, loneliness/being alone (not physically, but mentally because of self repression), and lastly, the devastating effects of war (as shown by Septimus 's mental condition).
From early on in the book, the reader can tell that social class is a very big part of British society. When …show more content…

She even admits that her and Miss. Kilman may have gotten along, “but not in this world”. Proving just how important social class is.
Yet, while Clarissa follows the heavy class based system of British society, she also finds herself limited by it. Forcing her to alter her identity to play the expected part in society and maintain her social status/class. She admires Sally, and how she would voice her opinions and do things her own way no matter what anyone else thought of her, in a way she envies her for having the freedom she never had. There is a big gap between what Clarissa thinks and what she does/how she allows people to perceive her. Even mentally stifling her own ideas that do not fit into the role she is attempting to play. This leads directly into her feelings of loneliness because while she interacts with a lot of people and is married, there is a distance between her true self and everyone else. Throughout the book, the reader is given insight to how each character perceives another vs. what they actually say out loud, if they say anything at all. This gives the reader the ability to see this distance between everyone, even Clarissa’s own husband is unable to tell her that he loves her, yet he really does love her on the inside. There are several other forms of repression, such as

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