Analysis Of The Book ' The Hobbit '

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The Hobbit is a book written in 1937 by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a fictional fantasy novel, and a prequel to the later Lord of the Rings trilogy of novels, which were also written by Tolkien. J.R.R. Tolkien originally wrote the book to entertain his children. It has been republished several times since its original release in 1937. The version I read was published in 1997 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing in New York. The book starts off by describing the main character and where he lives. The main character is a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. A wizard named Gandalf shows up at Bilbo 's house with a group of dwarves. Gandalf and the dwarves explain to Mr. Baggins about their plans to take the treasure of a dragon named Smaug. This dragon …show more content…

Eventually, the goblins catch up to everyone and attack them. Dori, the dwarf who was carrying Bilbo, drops him in their struggle, which knocks Bilbo unconscious. Bilbo later wakes up in the darkness of the goblin caves. He comes across a lake in the caves, and picks up a ring near it. He meets a creature named Gollum, who challenges him to a game of riddles. After beating Gollum at his riddle game, Bilbo learns that the ring he picked up is a magic ring that Gollum owned that lets the wearer become invisible. Bilbo uses this ring to escape from the now unfriendly Gollum, and the goblin caves as well. After escaping the caves, Bilbo meets back up with Gandalf and the dwarves. They then continue on their path to Smaug 's mountain. Later on, while in a forest, they get surrounded by a pack of wolves who have an alliance with the goblins. Everyone starts climbing a tree to avoid being attacked by the wolves. Eventually, Gandalf starts shooting magic at the wolves to keep them at bay. This gets the attention of a magical eagle, who then rescues everyone from the trees. The eagle drops everyone near a rock. Gandalf tells everyone that he knows someone who can help them get through the rest of their journey. This "someone" is a half man-half bear named Beorn. Everyone rests at Beorn 's house for several days. Beorn tells them of a good path to get to the mountain, and gives them more food and some horses

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