Analysis Of The Book ' The Kid '

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The Kid There was a boy named Jamaal Charles. He lives on an orphanage at Whitmore Village. When he starts to grow, he often gets bullied and thinks to himself, why am I still alive. One time when he was down by the river by himself, he saw a ledge that is like 8 stories high. He said “I hate my life” so he closes his eyes and leaned forward and was falling down. He opened his eyes and realizes that he wasn’t dead yet. He finally looked down and saw that he was hovering above the ground. He started to move around a bit, figuring out how to move and trying to get down. He knew there was more to live for, discovering his new abilities.

He now feels he’s meant for something greater. The origins of his powers and his real birth parents has now come into question. Jamal now seeks to overcome his fears as well as find out who his real parents are and why they left him.

The next day, something happened to The Bully. While he was home alone, he went down to his basement and noticed a stench. He looked for what it is and he saw that its was a green shining blob. He looked a little closer and when he turn back to clean it up, he got scared of a hanging spider.He fell into the blob and decided to shower. The next day, he felt stronger and uses that ability to bully people, especially Jamal. Finally, Jamaal got tired of the bully, so he stepped up and told him to stop bullying other kids or else and the kid replied, “or else what?” Jamaal answered

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