Analysis Of The Book ' Boy 21 '

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I chose to read Boy 21 because when I read the summary of the book, the summary said it was about this varsity basketball player, Finley who played the can to escape the town he lives in and the temptations around him. I believe this is one of the many good reasons for sports. I feel like many good athletes today do this to escape their problems. Judging the book by its cover it looks like it will be very related to a lot of kids. And it seems like it will be fun book to read.

Finley is the main character in Boy 21. He is dating Erin who also plays basketball. He is going into his senior year of high school playing varsity basketball.

Erin is dating Finley. She is also going into her senior year of high school playing basketball as well.

Rod is Erin 's older brother who looks like a bodybuilder. He is in a band and has celtic tattoos all over his arms. Because of him Erin and Finley are safe to go around their town without any of the criminals laying their hands on them.

Russell/Boy1 is a great basketball player that is very smart and a good kid. Many colleges want him to play for them. Both of his parents were murdered and this changes Russell. He moved in with his relatives Ms. Allen and Mr. Allen and changed his name to Russ Washington so no one knew his true identity until he was himself again.

Terrell Patterson is on Finley 's basketball team and he scores a lot of their points.
He calls Finley and Boy21 White Rabbit and Black Rabbit.


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