Analysis Of The Book ' The Magic School Of Witchcraft ' By J.k. Rowling

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The story events take place England, in Hogwarts school and The Department Of Ministry. King’s Cross Station is where most events took place before school. The Author J.K. Rowling conceived of the idea of this setting in 1990 while sitting on a delayed train from Manchester to London, King’s Cross. King’s Cross is mentioned in the book and the book/movie series, and is referred to as King’s Cross Station where the main characters go to board the train. The students would run through a mystical wall with their parents to the magic side to board the train on Platform 9 ¾ with their trolleys . On the platform in the station the children would say good bye to their parents and board the train to Hogwarts which was one of the settings in the …show more content…

A character in the book who showed the most bravery and potential would have to be Albus Severus Potter, who is Harry Potter’s younger son who got in the Slytherin house. Albus in the story didn’t accomplish the goals his father did in school but instead he became his own person and followed his own goals instead of his father’s and his goal was to go back in time and bring back Cedric Diggory, and he had the idea of going into the Ministry and getting the time turner which takes a lot of courage. Albus severus Potter is defined as the protagonist of the story because of his action to go back in time and save Amos Diggory’s son who was murdered by Lord Voldemort in the Triwizard Tournament in the third task. Though Albus is a very a brave and intelligent young man he was also a real social outcast due to the fact that he was the great Harry Potter’s son in slytherin and he also did not get along with his father very well. There was even times where he wished that Harry wasn’t his father, and does not really communicate much with other students at school except his best friend Scorpius Malfoy, who he loves dearly. Albus overhead something he was not suppose to overhear from the top of the steps at home. He heard Amos Diggory asking Harry and Hermione in the kitchen to use the time turner in the ministry so they can prevent his son Cedric from getting killed as the “spare” by Voldemort. Harry lied to Amos Diggory telling him that all time turners were destroyed

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