Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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The night is brisk and even with the thick suede jacket pulled over the man’s shoulders he is still freezing. He should mind the frozen temperatures, but he doesn’t because he has just won a vast amount of money off a bet. Money that he can spend on luxuries that he doesn’t need but believes he deserves. He smiles to himself, walking along the cold roads. Occasionally passersby will bump into him and cautious to pickpockets, he pats the pocket that holds the thick envelope of money. Maybe he’ll stop by a restaurant along the shore to treat himself. A boy, about seventeen is walking towards him and the man eyes him wearily fully aware of what the adolescence in this part of town was capable of, clutching the jacket’s pocket that shields the money from sight tightly as the boy gently brushes past the man. Content feeling his prize still in his pocket, the man proceeds with his triumphant stride down the road.
Maybe I’ll just take a quick peek he decided sliding the thick envelope out of his suede coat. But inside the envelope there is not the flattened roll of dollars he had won off of his fellow peers but the rough parchment of a note.
Startled, confused and getting angry, he unfolded the note. Inside the fold were two words scrawled neatly in blue ink: Behind you. The man, furious now and still startled at his lost, whips around. Walking off and just turning into the alley was the boy that had brushed past him, black hoodie pulled up consuming his face with a shadow.
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