Analysis Of The Book ' The Texas Left '

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The book is often termed to be ‘oxymoron’ of the twentieth century. The political scenario of Texas is fledged with dominant conservatism. It highly reflects the cowboy’s images, party bosses and oil barons and how they care for preservation of a capitalist’s status (Cullen & Wilkinson, 2010). The farmers were poor and helpless as well as the laborers. They were segregated depending on their gender and ethnicity. The communities were subjected to many different types of hostility, discrimination and social sufferings.
This has been happening for a long time. The book “The Texas Left” portrays the political heritage. Earlier the historians never focused on informing about the actual events, and happenings. They mainly portrayed the civil
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In May 1886, thousands of Texas farmers convened in Central Texas. They demanded the call for protection and worker’s rights. These classes had only three rights: to work, to die and to starve.
Cullen and Wilkinson begin the book describing the Texas political movement with avowed ends of a more equal and humane society through reform, restructure or a revolution of the economic or social system. This was given a great emphasis with adequate change. The geographical aspect sparked the practice of everyday life, environment and its Influence in the history of Texas. Geographical history patterned the American economy and politics within the ongoing development in shaping, structuring and implementation.
The book addresses the very often overlooked and critical elements of the state’s history which include the methodology obtained by marginalized Texans in their pursuit of more just, equal and humane society. Minority groups that challenged established capitalists, industrialists or racists on pragmatic grounds frequently triumphed. The prices the Texans generally compromised with inadequate economic, social and political reform.
Sources are of different categories and their utilization by the author in the book “The Texas Left’ have a wide and broader implication on bringing the original effect. The clever utilization of the primary and secondary sources in the book creates a productive effect of culture, and
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