Analysis Of The Book ' The War Of Kentucky ' Essay

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McDonough, James L. War In Kentucky: From Shiloh to Perryville. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1994

22 November 2016



Jacob Ryan Frazier

James Lee McDonough was born June 17, 1934, in Nashville, TN. Mr. McDonough is the son of James W. and Ora Lee McDonough. McDonough married Nancy Sharon Pinkston on May 28, 1957. McDonough and his wife Nancy have three children David, Sharon, Carla. Mr. McDonough received his bachelor degree at David Lipscomb College in1956. He then went on to Vanderbilt University to do his graduate work from 1958-60. McDonough received his master degree at Abilene Christian University in 1961 and at Florida State University in 1966 he received his PhD. He was a professor at Auburn University upon his retirement in 2000. McDonough has published many books including Five Tragic Hours: Battle of Franklin, Shiloh: In Hell Before Night, Stones River: Bloody Winter in Tennessee , Chattanooga: A Death Grip On The Confederacy, and War So Terrible: Sherman and Atlanta .He is currently 82 and resides in Lewisburg, Tennessee where he is 82 years of age. Through the whole book it is clear that McDonough believes that the defeat of the south was unavoidable and how important Kentucky was to the war with her waterways and railroads. The main thesis was the importance of the Western Theatre and the idea that 1862 was a decisive year in the war, The author states how the western battles got more recognition than

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