Analysis Of The Book ' With Lee '

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With Lee in Virginia by G. A. Henty illustrates the adventures of Vincent Wingfield, an heir to a Virginia plantation known as the Orangery, before, during, and just after he fights for the South as a part of the calvary, even though he is only 16. During the story, he lives with his mother and sisters, because just after he came back from school in England, his father died. It begins when Vincent complains about the overseer of the plantation, Jonas Pearson, because he was beating a slave. Vincent believes that slaves should be treated well, and his mother agrees, but Jonas always had an excuse to his actions. Not long after this, while riding his new horse, Wildfire, he sees Andrew Jackson, the son of the owner of a near plantation called Cedar, beating a slave and his wife. This angers Vincent so much that he stops Andrew by getting in a fight and knocking him out. The Jacksons decide to sell the slaves wife to torture him even more. Vincent is able to secretly buy the slave, named Dinah, and her infant son. Tony, the husband, was able to stay in contact secretly, but because he was so miserable and tortured at the plantation, he ran away to the forests. Vincent, to help Tony, gets him aboard a boat to England. The Jacksons are immediately suspicious of Vincent after finding out he bought Dinah, but they couldn’t find enough proof to make their allegations public. While Vincent was boating to get Tony on the ship to England, multiple states succeeded, including

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