Analysis Of The Chimney Sweeper

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The chimney sweeper draft version Set in the times of the Industrial Revolution, Blake’s The Chimney Sweeper is a powerful attempt to fight one of the biggest social injustices at the time: child labour. He illustrates the heartbreaking life story of thousands of kids through two different points of view, one is exposed in the poem pertaining to Songs of Innocence (1789) and the other one is exposed in Songs of Experience (1794). Both poems share the same outline; however, it is the narrator’s view the one that changes drastically between the poems. In the eldest version, the reader is presented with a young chimney sweeper full of hope and aspiration whereas in the most recent poem the author reflected a slightly more experienced child that does not believe in the system anymore. The maturity expressed by the last chimney sweeper is not only seen in his ideals but the whole poem is a 180 degrees deflection from the 1789 version. The author tried to make the change between the poems was present not only in the content of each poem but also in all aspects possible so readers would get that ______sensation constantly. Blake decided not to give a great importance mentioning the harsh life conditions of chimney sweepers and instead let reader to easily infer them from the text. By doing this, he achieved that once the readers realize what is actually, the life of a chimney sweeper the cruel reality hits them even harder. The first difference that surely will be noticed, even

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