A Miserable Wondering and Seeking

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English 110
Junjie Wang
A Miserable Wondering and Seeking
“Poems come out of wonder, not out of knowing,” according to Lucille Clifton, a famous American writer and educator. The best example of this wondering is shown in the poem “The Chimney Sweeper”. “The Chimney Sweeper”, written by William Blake in 1789, is a poem that reflects a shameful eighteenth century social problems. It shows the exploitations to the little children—the chimney sweepers. Those sweepers are even too young to have their own complete thoughts, but they are still on their own effort to seek comfort in this suffering situation. Therefore, the poems is trying to lead readers to experience a miserable and desperate situation and then to seek a way out along with
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The strong contrast between the dream and the reality makes people feel upset and heartbreaking because we see these children still have to undertake much what they are not supposed to bear. Nevertheless, what upsets people more was the fact that these chimney sweeper accept their current fate happily with a hope that future will be better if they obey the rule and do their duty. However, the fact is that the circumstances have no hope of freedom from this oppression if they don’t take any action. Therefore, this is an anesthetization in mind because, in this way, workers and the weak would not unite to stand against the inhuman conditions forced upon them. Blake here critiques not just the deplorable conditions of the children sold into chimney sweeping, but also the society, and particularly its religious aspect that would offer these children palliatives rather than aid. That the speaker and Tom Dacre gets up from the vision to head back into their dangerous drudgery suggests that these children cannot help themselves, so it is left to responsible, sensitive adults to do something for them.
Wondering about the future of them, the chimney sweepers introduce their lifestyles and dreams to people. Without knowing where
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