Analysis Of The Circle By Dave Eggers

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Technology in the last few decades has revolutionized the way life continues on a day to day basis. Computers have gotten smaller and it is now possible to have one that fits into one’s palm and back pockets with ease. It has never been easier to use technology to do a plethora of things, such as socializing, shopping, doing schoolwork, or even applying for a job. Yet, the very technology that helps enhance everyday human life can also be extremely detrimental to society and one’s private lives. This topic is seen throughout the book The Circle by Dave Eggers, as it is one of the book’s central themes. The main character, Mae Holland, believes that all people show complete and total transparency, however this thought is very dangerous. All …show more content…

People have always wanted there to be less crimes, and the internet is helping aid government officials stop criminals in their tracks. Consequently, with the growth of the internet, the government can keep more records of citizens than they once could. Eamon Bailey, one of the founders of The Circle within the book, he introduces a new type of mini camera that is designed to aid others in a plethora of ways. One such way is helping law enforcement and cracking down on crime. Bailey states, “In a world where bad choices are no longer an option, we have no choice but to be good" (Eggers 292). His speech opens up the discussion on how the government would be able define what is a good choice and what is a bad choice. Thus, it will allow the government to turn from a democratic to totalitarian society, where it gets to dictate all parts of everyone’s lives. Bailey’s suggestion is not far off from what could possibly be the future of the world if technology reigns supreme.
The Circle can be viewed as a precautionary tale. Mae’s transformation into a cyborg at the end of the book is a prime example that technology can have humans lose the very qualities that define them. Though the rise of technology is not complete, it is not too late to prevent the extreme invasion of privacy through the internet. People can combat this by making sure to keep their private lives as private as they can. Otherwise, technology can create a dangerous environment in which society and humanity is

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