Analysis Of The Documentary ' The Mentality Of Parents '

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Our Supersized Kids [Motion picture on DVD]. (2013). United States: KSBS.
The documentary explores and supports how parental feeding relates to childhood obesity. The documentary administrates the mentality of parents, goes into depth about the food parents allow their children to consume, and explores other causes and effects of childhood obesity. The documentary emphasizes how parents believe their children will grow out of it and how their eating practices influence their children through the portrayal of the life of four Spokane families struggling with obesity. The informative documentary provides strong anecdotes and the references as well as opinions of many physicians, pediatricians, and other medical practitioners. The anecdotes show us the detrimental consequences of obesity on children and their troubles that manifested from it. The documentary is interesting and contains recent information, which still reflects society currently. In particular, this documentary is vital in connecting childhood obesity and parents together. It is helpful in allowing the viewers to understand and to see firsthand the impact of being obese as a child.
Perez-Pastor, E., Metcalf, B., Hosking, J., Jeffery, A., Voss, L., & Wilkin, T. (2009). Assortative weight gain in mother–daughter and father–son pairs: An emerging source of childhood obesity. Longitudinal study of trios (EarlyBird 43). International Journal of Obesity, 33, 727-735. doi:10.1038/ijo.2009.76
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