Childhood Obesity : Where We Went Wrong Essay

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The Rise of Childhood Obesity: Where We Went Wrong A child that is considered average on a pediatric growth chart is called skinny, skin and bones, and underweight by both peers and adults. How could this be? Society as a whole has become overweight and has normalized obesity to the point that a child with typical measurements for their age and height suddenly becomes atypical in the eye of the beholder. This raises the question: Why is childhood obesity on the rise, and what effect does it have on their generation? Although many people blame the extra pounds on genetics, the truth is that children are obese because they are eating unhealthy, they have inactive lifestyles, and they are under educated about their own bodies. As we know, a healthy diet is extremely important to a child’s overall health. It is important to determine what children are eating that is causing excessive weight gain. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a large contributor to this epidemic. HFCS was introduced as an alternative to sugar in food products in the late 1960s. Thanks to the low cost of corn in the 1970s, HFCS popularity grew and eventually became a staple ingredient in thirty-five percent of the United States food supply by 1985. Some of these foods include: cereals, juice boxes, soda, boxed snacks, and dessert items (R.E. Morgan). These items are mainly marketed and consumed by children. Because high fructose corn syrup is not a glucose based product, the body does not break it down

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