Analysis Of The Film ' Children Of Heaven '

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“Children of Heaven” is a film that portrayed a story mainly about a brother and sister in Iran and a missing pair of shoes. The plot brought into perspective a different culture both within the family environment and between the rich and poor neighborhoods. In addition, the film described a variety of people’s attitudes when they encounter setbacks. The most significant aspects of the film were the social factors that distinguished fate, and the embodiment of the family value that displayed precious love. Moreover, the effect of environment, which depicted the different aspects of the community. First and foremost, the environment impacted Ali’s family. The main characters were Ali and Zahra, and their family was needy. In environmental perspective, these buildings were next to each other, it seemed that residents got along well with each other. The shopkeeper also knew Ali’s name and his family, which showed everyone knew everyone in the community ; However, the reality was that poor people in the community must confront inequity, hence Ali can only purchase degraded products. Focused on the interpersonal relationships, the environment bridged the distance between people and people, but the environment also had negative effect on each family. Concretely, Ali’s family did not have proud social position, because the family could not posses enough sources to achieve tremendous promotion in this environment, and the analogous families were abound by fours and fives.
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