Analysis Of City Of Lies By Ramita Navai

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Tehran, the capital of Iran, has its highs and lows. It is polluted by everything it encompasses. The city is jam packed with rapid highways, stentorian neighborhoods, and idiosyncratic citizens. City of Lies, written by Ramita Navai, perfectly sums up the way that this cryptic and disturbing city works. The novel follows eight very unique characters on Vali Asr Street who have a connection to the city that changed each of their lives. Each of them have very different backstories and personality traits that make them different from the last. But in the end, what brings them together is that they are all polluted by the city they call home. These characters, throughout their lives in Tehran, experience difficult pasts and hardships all because of the different ways of pollution in the city. This is evident when we read about Dariush’s environmental realization during his return to Tehran, when we read about many woman characters dealing with sexism and prostitution, and when when we read about the citizen’s opinions on the politics and organizations. The first time that we see how polluted the city of Tehran is environmentally, is when Dariush returns to Tehran from America after twenty years. Because he came from America and then went back to Tehran after a few years of work, he realized how much it had changed. “He had not remembered Tehran being so ugly” (Navai 10). Dariush dwells in the fact that Tehran has not changed for the good as he steps back into the society of

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