Analysis Of The Film Denial

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The film Denial (2016) begins with history professor Deborah Lipstad at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. Lipstad gives the principal factors about Holocaust denial and tells how some people do not believe in the evidence of this horrible event. The film shows a conference that she gives, where she tells us more in detail about the factors and the students ask questions about this subject. Then, a man named David Irving appears who will question the evidence of the Holocaust because he does not believe it and thinks that it was a falsification of the Jews. However, there are more people like Irving who refuse to believe in the Holocaust. While others share the same opinions as Deborah, the performance of the dramatic genre …show more content…

We can observe the selection of blue color symbolizing melancholy in these scenes. Also, during the film, another color scene, this time yellow, can be seen, reflecting madness, insecurity, and obsessive by these scenes in the jury and streets. The catastrophic events, scenography and audio incremented the tension of every scene and complemented the facial expressions in the characters, creating a circle of the dramatic tension in the movie. The movie shows us emotions and ideas that remind us of important moments in history, as emotional sample are sadness, frustration, and impotence. However, during Irving’s judgment, we realize how roles and functions are marked. Deborah is removed and dropped, showing that during this judgment she has not power to defended her ideas and the judge not paid attention about what she said, she will need to represent in the jury by a man. Deborah has in mind to win the case and demonstrate the credibility of every Jewish. If she needs to be represented on the jury by a man, she accepted these conditions. In the movie, Deborah is talking to some survivor who wants to support the case, but Deborah's lawyers reject this witness because they know how Irving acts. These kind of scenes that are not shown make the viewer create an awareness in which it will be the reason to not present the scenes, being that the survivor can cause more psychological damage with so much questioning about the Holocaust. The director preserved these

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