Analysis Of The Four Major Identitys By Mark Lilla

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After listening to the lecture that was given on the four major identities by Columbia history professor Mark Lilla. I learned what values and characteristics these four identities had. Lillia also gave many examples with which characters would fit in with certain identities and described which characteristics they took from that certain identity. There was one identity that I was more interested in and I as well viewed more positively compared to the other three identities, which was Sage. One of the reasons why I found the Sage more interesting than the other three identities; the soldier, the saint, and the citizen was because professor Lillia said that there are two types of sage. The first one being, one who draws lessons from …show more content…

I thought these drawbacks that the sage has weren't as bad when compared to the other three. The soldier could mistake honor with vanity, courage with hubris, and his duty with vengeance. The saint could end up being very naive and since they tend to stick to the rules and anything that they are told they tend to not think for themselves making them square. The citizen tendency for trying to fit in make them just another face in the crowd, they can have an absence of their own distinctive identity. The sage is his own person and may have a bias but at least they choose what they believe because there have been examples or they themselves have had an experience, which I strongly believe is better than trying to blend in or following the rules blindly in order to be liked. With the soldier it's sort of self explanatory because I believe it's better to think before you act, don't let your emotions negative or positive dictate your actions because even though it feels like a good choice it may end up not being so. Professor Lilla gave an example of a character that was a sage, this same character was talked about in our History 104 class. This character was Socrates, he was a classical Greek philosopher. In an article I read about Socrates called “Socrates” written on by N.S. Gill, the author stated that socrates could possibly be the wisest sage of all time. Socrates is a man who

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