Analysis Of The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Marijuana: Legalize it!
In the "Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized," essay, Kevin Sabet a former senior adviser in the White House, Office of National Drug Control Policy wrote that calling marijuana harmless or non-addictive goes against scientific results that habitual use of the drug causes memory problems, impaired thinking and weakened immune system. (1) My essay will argue against this position.
Scientific reports show that habitual marijuana use has a negative effect on the human body. “The active ingredient in marijuana has been linked to memory problems, impaired thinking and weakened immune systems, not to mention it acts as a gateway to more dangerous drugs,” a Washington Post editorial argued in September 2014 (1). Legalizing marijuana will provide a semblance of acceptance that will encourage more children and teenagers to try it. “Dangers are more pronounced for young people,” the Post asserted (2). Legalizing marijuana has already showed negative consequences on public health and public safety in states like Colorado and Washington. Kevin Sabet told the New York Times in May 2014.

It looks bad to prohibit cannabis, defenders charge, when liquor and tobacco, 7which have significantly more slippery impacts, stay legal. “Marijuana is far less harmful to human health than most other banned drugs and is less dangerous than the highly addictive but perfectly legal substances known as alcohol and tobacco,”(7) New York Times manager Philip Boffey wrote in July 2014.

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