Analysis Of The Literary Work ' Let America Be America Again ' By Langston Hughes

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Name : Tobit Jones Kalai
Prof.: Tara Lesko
English 102
Historical analysis of the literary work “Let America be America Again” by Langston Hughes Man has always been interested in analyzing issues in the history of the world. People tend to appreciate it when grand historical events are described in works of literature. Consequently, writers and poets, try to capture every single step of societal and personal experiences in their works. One of such writers is Langston Hughes whose poem “Let America be America Again” speaks to certain events in the history of America. Several historical events provide context: the flowering of the arts during the Harlem Renaissance; the Great Depression; Americas’ migration story and Hughes’ activities with the Communist Party. It is a well known fact that America has gone through a long and complicated path to get to the stage it is today. Langston Hughes who happens to be black grew up in an America that at the time marginalized and was condescending towards people of his race and minorities for that matter. He was accordingly very much criticized and attempts were made to belittle not only his works but his person. Lindsay Patterson of the New York Times described him as “the most abused poet in America” who was largely ignored and taken less seriously (Patterson). In the face of difficulties and obstacles, Hughes managed to succeed in life, gained great popularity and touched the heart of Americans
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