Analysis Of The Love Of My Life By Cheryl Srayed

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Cheryl Strayed’s story “The Love of My Life”, offers a wonderful, in depth character study into the life of a self-absorbed sociopath, who “strays” from her picturesque marriage after the death of her mother. What makes this piece so unique and interesting to read, is Strayed’s ability to provide a true reflection into her inner conscious and persona as she performs an imaginative mental gymnastic routine to piece together a worthy purpose for her actions. It’s rare that somebody so detached from reality can write so well, and it’s for this reason that “The Love of My Life” is a masterpiece of the modern day narrative. Her voice is one of a kind, and through the use of popular writing techniques, she is able to capitalize on it to engage the reader. One of the …show more content…

One such example, which was a personal favorite, was the idea that only four people in her life were worth her mourning: four people who would sadly have to spend the rest of their existence on a boat with Cheryl Strayed. Nevertheless, this pushes the audience to imagine themselves in such a bizarre scenario, and ask themselves to imagine whom they would take, which is an engaging exercise of one’s conscious. It is here the Strayed exhibits an acute sense of self-awareness, to create an imaginary scenario through which the audience can escape for a moment from her revolting reality. In conclusion, while “The Love of My Life” does fall short of creating any redeeming purpose for the author’s behavior, it succeeds in portraying Cheryl Strayed in a brutally honest, and unforgiving manner. The piece ends with the equivalent of Roorbach’s “welp, that’s me” tool, and sometimes that may just be enough to craft a well-written story. While the criticism of her character and existence is warranted, it’s pieces like “The Love of My Life” that push audiences to a realization that people like the author exist, and are worthy of

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