Analysis Of The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock

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J. Alfred Prufrock is not your standard heroic “alpha-male. He is a representation of the typical modern man. Prufrock is overeducated, fearful, timid, overly sensitive, and graceful. Throughout the poems, he continuously ponders lost opportunities and unanswered questions. This is the modern man, not strong and silent but weak and accessible. He represents the modern man by openly displaying disappointment and vulnerability. The modern man has lost sight of the quality of life and the truly important things in life. The character, J. Alfred Prufrock, represents all characteristics of a modern man; He is obsessed with his appearance and how much and how fast he is aging.
The poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot centers on an aging, insecure middle-aged man. The action described in the poem takes place in the evening in a dreary part of a foggy city. The exact location remains unknown, but it is believed to be the City of London, or St. Luis. However, Eliot most likely intended the setting to be any city, anywhere. The speaker of this ironic monologue is a modern, urban man who, like many of his kind, feels lonely and incapable of making a decision and acting upon it. Irony is apparent in the title since this is not a predictable love song. Prufrock would like to speak and love a woman, but he does not because of his insecurities and fear of rejection. Since the reader is overhearing his thoughts, the poem seems rather confusing at first. But Prufrock

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