Analysis Of The Movie ' 12 Angry Men '

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The Decision Analysis Assignment
Frank Luu

The story of 12 Angry Men begins in a New York City courthouse at the conclusion of a murder trial. The judge order the 12 men of the jury to recess and decide on a guilty or not guilty verdict for a 18 year old boy charged with murdering his father. The judge informs them that a guilty decision by the jury will result in a death sentence for the boy as the judge will not show any leniency. The 12 men are lead to the jury room where they will stay locked up until a decision is made. They quickly go to a vote without much discussion and find out that 11 of the 12 men are ready to pass a guilty verdict but 1 man decides to vote not guilty so that they can at least discuss the case. This quickly draws the ire of the other jurors who have all made up their minds already and just want to leave. This sets the stage for the movie as now they other 11 men try to persuade juror #8 into a guilty vote, or perhaps the other way around.

Throughout the process there were several times information was presented and recounted and discussed for further evaluation to prove a point. There were several instances of information being presented for analysis and often times it was used to change a juror’s vote (and sometimes back again). One of the first instances is when Juror #8 brings up the point that one of the witnesses that heard the defendant scream "I 'm going to kill you," could not have heard anything because of a train that was passing by.…

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