Analysis Of The Movie ' Doll House '

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“In a reverse trend of sorts, women want to stay at home after marriage. And the husbands don 't seem too happy with the trend.” In Doll House there is a rich white family consisting of a mother, father, a maid, and three small children. This story takes place in 1879. Nora and her family is picture perfect, they are rich since the husband is a lawyer. Fences is about the story of a black working class family that takes place in 1985 focusing on Rose and Troy, a black struggling with money. Both couples have problems in each relationship within themselves that takes a turn for the worst.
In Doll House we see that Nora is a loving and caring wife who lives with her husband Torvald and three young children. When Nora borrows money she is doing that save her husband, to save her marriage. Mrs. Linde says “Because you couldn’t have borrowed it. A wife can’t borrow without her husband’s consent.” Nora wanted to do whatever she had to do to save her beloved husbands’ life. Because he could have died if he didn’t get the surgery. Nora does not want her husband to find out that she borrowed money from anyone. Torvald, her husband, thinks the money is from his deceased father-in-law. However, Rose in Fences, is a loving and caring wife that is worried about her husband’s alcohol abuse. She says to him “You going to drink yourself to death. You don’t need to be drinking like that.” It seems that Troy likes to drink a lot and it is beginning to worry Rose. Rose feels that Troy will
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