Analysis Of The Movie ' Foxy '

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Foxy was having the most weirdest hour of her life. She was riding piggyback on the robot and ripping out wires of all sorts while biting and snapping at the robot 's small mechanical head. Around her Lumo, Snowy, Bolt, and Cougy, where in a battle with 15 robots. Acorn was pulling pine cones out of her back pack and firing them like a machine gun. “How many things can she fit in there” asks Foxy to herself. But probably the most effective person on the team for destroying the robots was her sister Wolfy. Around her the ground was littered with wires and machine parts. After throwing/chewing off the robots head Foxy joined her sister and they started to making their way threw the crowd of robots towards the boys to help in their struggle. “Hi, Foxy” says Snowy as he claws the arm of a robot “It would be amazing to see if the robots could grow back body parts.” “Uhh” replies Foxy “I don 't think that they could unless they 're part starfish or something.” right then something clicked in her head. “DNA! That 's what happened to us!” “Yes Foxy, we all started out with our own DNA.” says Wolfy as she she snaps a robot in half with a quick pounce. “Not what I meant.” replies Foxy as she dodges a slice from a robotic arm “The pool gave us the DNA of the animals that we saw in the dream!” “Well you know that might be correct.” Says Wolfy as she momentarily stopped fighting “Then wouldn 't that mean that we would not be sisters any more?” “Maybe, but I don 't think it
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