Analysis Of The Movie ' Fruitvale Station '

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New Year’s Day, 2009, a man is brutally shot by the BART Police of Oakland, California. Fruitvale Station, written and directed by Ryan Coogler, took audiences by surprise as it resonated with twenty-two year old Oscar Grant, a man who was shot down by the BART Police. This movie takes viewers on an emotional expedition as it takes a peek into the life and death of Oscar Grant and his family. The struggles of originating from an African-American background become apparent as Oscar Grant struggles with steering away from racial stereotypes and the misunderstandings of racial profiling. As the movie begins, the audience notices that Oscar Grant is portrayed as a man who is loving and caring toward his family, but also has a history of convictions and drug dealing experiences. As the movie continues, Grant is shown as being a doer. Acting on situations without much thought and logic, his life has been full of risks. By depicting Grant as having two completely different sides to him, the director does a great job in displaying his struggles with himself as he tries to become a better man for the sake of his family. The audience is allowed to see the humanization of Grant as the film proceeds. His character is portrayed as flawed and misunderstood which relates to the viewers on a more personal level. The audience notices the shrinking gap between themselves and Grant as the film continues and takes them deeper into Grant’s life. The film as a whole is filmed with cinema vérité…
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