Analysis Of The Movie Get Out

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The well-known comedian, Jordan Peele, wrote and directed the 2017 film, Get Out, which to one’s disbelief is classified as a psychological thriller. Chris Washington, an African American male played by Daniel Kaluuya, and Rose Armitage, a Caucasian female played by Allison Williams, venture out for a weekend getaway to the Armitage family home to meet Rose’s parents. The social contingencies of Chris’ race induce anxious reluctance to meet Rose’s parents because she has not yet told them that Chris is African American. However, Rose eases Chris’ concerns by assuring him that her parents will be accepting of his race. In the beginning, Missy and Dean Armitage, played by Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford, are as expected, overly polite towards Chris. The kindness from the Armitage family quickly fades and Chris unfolds the true intentions of his invitation for the weekend. What seems like a relaxing weekend soon turns into a nerve-racking weekend for Chris and the viewers of the film. I classify Get Out as a psychological thriller that mainly focuses on the changes in the state of Chris’s mind, which are manipulated by the control that the Armitage family has over him. The thought provoking nature of Get Out validates the worthwhile experience of watching the film. There are many definitions surrounding a psychological thriller, but what really classifies a film as a psychological thriller? The overarching genre, a thriller, can be defined as, “a work of fiction or

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