Analysis Of The Movie ' Jayne '

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Casciana Jayne Holden wasn’t born into your typical stereotype family, born on June 29th, 1989 moments before her identical twin sister Syria Nichole. Casciana was always the curious one, she was also a daddy’s girl while her twin was momma’s little angel the one that could never do no wrong. Casciana loved her sister more than anything, except she hated that their mother Nicole Marie Holden would always believe Syria over Casciana never really giving her the benefit of the doubt. It was what always caused Casciana to run in the other direction when she wanted something from one of her parents. She knew that her father would always give it to her no questions asked. Patrick Dean Holden wasn’t your normal man as what people would say about …show more content…

While Syria thought it was funny that Casciana was the one that did that, her mother hated it. Casciana would always find herself getting into trouble including in school while she applied herself and was a straight A student she had dreams of running away and just being with her father. The only person that understood her and the person she wanted to be. Elementary school and Middle school weren’t all that things were cracked up to be, Casciana had one real friend that was actually a friend and was always around including when Casciana just wanted to be left alone. She was that friend that just came and bugged the hell out of Casciana just to make sure she stopped closing herself off to people.

When high school came around at Casciana started growing more into a woman she began to experience changes in her body, things that she didn’t understand. She would start to forget things, she would misplace things and could never find them again. It wasn’t until she was 17 years old that her whole life changed and it wasn’t for the better. Casciana had become a completely new person, she stayed out all night, she partied, she stopped going to class, and when her father was home all she did was fight with him. Some would say that she was possessed by something, she would just laugh it off, but the truth was she was possessed, Casciana was slightly

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