Analysis Of The Movie ' Johnny 's Dad '

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“Johnny! Please hurry up, supper’s almost ready!” said Mom. Johnny Victon is a 13 year old boy who has blond hair and green eyes. Johnny and his Mom live in Lime Springs, Iowa.
“Ok, Mom I’ll be right there, I’m feeding Jack.” Johnny loved his dog Jack. He was a big, chocolate lab.
“Well please hurry, you know, your father would have made you come faster!” Said Mom. Johnny’s Dad used to work at Lidtke Mill and he had recently passed away because of cancer. Johnny has been depressed ever since his father died 2 days ago and his Mom has been acting mean to everybody.
“Mom, please don’t bring Dad up again, you know it makes me sad!” said Johnny.
“Well maybe if you were a little faster, I wouldn’t have to." said Mom.
"Ok Ma, I 'm sorry, It 's just, I miss Pa. I can 't stop thinking about him." Johnny said with tears in his eyes. Johnny then finished feeding Jack and came inside for supper.

It was silent while Johnny and Ma were eating.
“Oh, come on now Johnny, you have got to eat, now quit playing with your food.” Johnny continued to play with his food and ignored his mother. “Your father would have made you finish your food by now” said Ma. That made Johnny very upset, he then yelled and slammed his fists on the table,
“MA, STOP BRINGING UP PA. YOU KNOW VERY WELL IT MAKES ME SAD! There was a silence after that.
“Go to your room, you will not talk to me like that. Johnny ran to his room, crying subtly. He slammed his body on his bed and started crying badly now. He

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