Analysis Of The Movie Lila And Eve Essay

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Abstract – please remove this when submitting your paper In the movie Lila and Eve Lila suffers from a number of disorders. All combined is what makes her schizophrenic. What I would like to know is can or did her major depression trigger Lila 's schizophrenia? If so, how does schizophrenia and major depression go hand and hand as well as how does one go about treating both? In the movie Lila and eve, Lila is a single mother of two. Lila is struggling to raise to raise two boys, when her oldest son Stephen is killed in a drive by shooting. Lila stayed in a provident stricken neighborhood (the ghetto) that was majority African American. In the midst of a gang war over turf Lila 's oldest son Stephen was killed walking home, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. At first Lila was in denial, then she felt guilty then after the guilt she was angry. These are some of the basic symptoms of grief. It was not until she met “Eve” that she started to actually come to terms with her son Stephens’s death. One of the main reasons for her anger was that the police officers that was overseeing her case seemed not to care. To them Stephen was just another black kid that was killed due to gang related violence. Another setback came when she found a gun in her son’s book bag her world came crashing down. Lila copping mechanism was a way to block out the pain, as well as the world was (to clean), so she developed obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). As time

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