Analysis Of The Movie ' Mississippi Burning ' Essay

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Analytical Essay
The movie Mississippi Burning (Colesberry, Zollo, & Parker, 1988) and the reading, “Narratives of Redemption” (Romano, 2006) are very similar in their portrayal of white intervention and the responsibility held in racism and prejudice prevention. This viewpoint places whites on a pedestal and also on the side of loathing, while African-Americans sit back and watch as helpless victims make an effort towards change, but can not do anything to stop the terrible things that are happening to them. In Romano’s interpretation of the Birmingham Church bombing, she makes it seem as if the white men were responsible for bringing forth those held accountable for the wrongdoings to justice; when in fact the African-American people had been trying to reopen the case for decades. A similar interpretation was used in the movie Mississippi Burning, except the movie made it seem as if the black Americans in that small town had come to accept the terms with the situation at hand and were just waiting for the white Americans to come and save them.
Romano’s Interpretation
In Romano’s interpretation of the racism in American memory, she shows how the African-Americans felt powerless in the case of the Birmingham Church bombings and how the whites had to swoop in and save the day. The men thought to be responsible for the crimes of murdering Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, and Denise Mcnair were only convicted of a single petty crime of

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