Analysis Of The Movie Room

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I choose to watch and review the movie, Room. Prior to reviewing the reptest scoresheet, I watched the movie with an open mind. I personally enjoyed the film and appreciated its suspenseful motives and emotional pull. However, after reading the criteria for a score of an A, it became clear that the movie Room, was unworthy of such a high honor. This movie lacked in diversity from multiple angles. The main character of this movie was a 5-year-old boy named Jack. Jack’s mom was abducted at the age of 17 and held captive for seven years. While being held hostage she would be raped readily by her captor, and would end up impregnated by him as well. She gave birth to a baby boy: Jack, who would also grow up within the shed alongside his mom possessing no access to the outside world. The mom, as well as “Old Nick,” her captor was of white descent, meaning that Jack too was white. The film didn’t discuss Jacks sexuality despite his girl like hair. He was only five years old, and had no experience or opinions on the romantic side life has to offer. While the mom seemed to be nothing but a sex object and power symbol to “Old Nick,” to everyone else she is a mother, or a daughter, or simply an innocent human who lost years of her life as well as her sanity to a life she never would have chosen to be a part of. Even though the situation was not what she would ideally choose to raise her child in, she made the best of the situation and against all odds convinced her son that his

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