Analysis Of The Movie ' The Help '

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According to the movie The help, I understand that the African American in the past where being abused from white people and where insulted and treated as animals. They used men as cookers and farmers. And women where used as nannies. Also they splurge the nannies between each other. However, white people doesn’t treat African American in a good way. When they was treated from white people one of the friend of the white people tried to solve this dilemma which is to make justice between white and African Americans. She brought a two girls from the white and two from the Africans to know the story of them life. From what she heard from the both sides she was writing the two situations to send it to a women that can communicate with the government to make justice between these people. The woman that was trying to make justice found that the white people doesn’t agree with her because the white people want them as slaves. After this situation the lady wanted justice so she wrote a book to make people conscious about this serious problem and this book was called “The help”. And the earnings from this book is being given to these African Americans.

According to the movie Fruitvale Station, I understand that is true story it happen in California with African American man he is 22 years old. He was marred with white women and he was good with her. He was working in supermarket, but his expulsion because he was lateness. One day his mother birthday so he was happy to Celebrate her

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