Analysis Of The Movie ' The Lights Come Up '

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The lights come up as Troy enters the Old Dugout in Andreas football Field. Ahead of him, on the bleachers, sits Cory’s coach, a forty year-old man, with a clipboard, taking notes on the players. He softly hums to himself as his face tightens when he sees Troy. Troy stumbles over to the man in a drunken state. It is the following morning after Cory asked lied to Troy about his working situation. Troy: (Pointing at the man’s face) You here’s Cory’s Coach? You here’s the man that is filling my boy’s head with nothing, but mistakes. Coach: Yes, That’d be me. Troy: You listen to me now. Quit telling Cory he can be whatever he wants. Us two, both know that ain’t possible. No matter how good the boy is at the game, a white man will always …show more content…

Coach: I have two sons both Cory’s age, now neither one of them life football, but I see a fire in Cory. I know he wants to do great things, and it’s all because of your Sir. Troy: What I did is no good for Cory and... Coach: (Interrupts with a clear, agitated tone) No, now it’s your turn to listen to me. All Cory does is talk about how great his Pop is, even if he does complain about your bad attitude. Now excuse me, but why is that your big head can’t see the boy is just trying to make you proud? Troy: Proud? I’ll be proud of the idiot when he holds a job down, starts helping his Momma and me around the house, and when his big head of hiss understands that he will only fail. Coach: Do you think your son is a talentless fool? Troy: Oh no, I know my son is filled with talent, but I do think he is a fool. If he’s leaving a steady, well paid job that can help his Momma and I for some wild hearted dream, then he is dumber than I ever imagined. Coach: Jesus, have you at least ever seen him play? I’ve never seen you down here. Troy: Why would I? It’s a waste of my time and his. Coach: Seein’ your boy run the field with a smile the size of Texas on his face ain’t no waste of time. Troy: Who is you, to tell me what to do with my life? Coach: I ain’t telling you what to do Troy: Then what’d you call this conversation? Coach: That doesn’t matter. Troy: Whatever, just keep Cory off the team. Tell the boy that he ain’t allowed to pplay football

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