Analysis Of The Movie ' The Merchant Of Venice '

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Darius Bruno ENG2D1-03 Mr. Connelly April 25, 2016 Down In Venice The novel The Merchant of Venice is an interesting play about how people dealt with money. Money has a very important role in this book because it helps the story develop and progress. They use money in different ways in the story; they are used in commerce, debt and in a will. Money is a very important asset in life, but every character has their own view on money, which then dictates their actions throughout the story. Antonio views money as an influence to get someone to like him. In the book he uses it to try and get Bassanio to like him. Bassanio asks Antonio for a loan even though Bassanio owes Antonio money. Bassanio asks for the money to impress a girl he likes named Portia. Antonio agrees to give him money even though he has no money to give because all of his money is caught up in his business. "Thou know 'st that all my fortunes are at sea; neither have I money nor commodity to raise a present sum. Therefore go forth: try what my credit can in Venice do; that shall be racked, even to the uttermost to furnish thee to Belmont to fair Portia. Go, presently inquire, and so will I, where money is, and I no question make to have it of my trust, or for my sake. "(1.1.184-192). in this quote Antonio says that all this money is in his business and that he would find a way to get Bassanio his money. To get Bassanio the money Antonio took a loan from shylock. Shylock is a Jewish moneylender.

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