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English essay In Shakespeare’s play the merchant of Venice the audience learns about love in many forms. Through the characters, of Portia and Bassanio, Shylock and his love for money over his daughter and Antonio and Bassanio. The audience learns through Portia that true love always triumphs. From shylock we learn that money isn’t everything it seems to be and that you should treasure your family more than money. Through the friendship of Antonio and Bassanio we learn about the love of one friend for another and how they would sacrifice anything for one another. Shakespeare uses many techniques including: tests, plot incident, passionate dialogue, characterisation and emotive language to express his idea of love and friendship to the…show more content…
He was more worried about his ducats and he doesn’t care that Jessica ran away but the fact that she ran away with a Christian. He asks for justice and the law to help get his money back, because he is greedy. Emotive language is used because it emphasises that Shylock was angrier about losing his money then losing his daughter. As we have seen Shakespeare gives the audience a number of valuable lessons about love. Plot incident and passionate dialogue are used when Antonio gives Bassanio money to go visit Portia. This shows that true friendship can be as strong as true love and they would do anything for each other and not care about the consequences. Tests are used to show how Portia’s father cared about her, even after he was dead and knew that her true love would choose the right casket and not be deceived by money and wealth. This fatherly love shows that Portia’s father really did love her and cared so much that even after he had died he wanted her to be happy, with a man that didn’t want her money but wanted her love. Characterisation and emotive language is used to show how shylock was more interested in money than anything else. Shylock was greedy and this is shown in more than one occasion. the first is when he gives Antonio the loan to give Bassanio he wants ten percent interest as well as the money back in three months time. The second is when

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