Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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He was attracted to other girls but he denied being a lesbian. The movie begins when Brandon is driving at a high speed, and in the next scene, he has his hair cut and puts a sock in his jeans. He looks like a real boy, but his cousin does not approve his behavior. However, Brandon is happy to feel like a boy, and he makes the acquaintance of a girl, Candace (Alicia Goranson). Then, after a little fight with a girl’s suitor, Brandon meets her friends, Tom (Brendan Sexton III) and John (Peter Sarsgaard). With their help, he meets Lana (Chloë Sevignly) and falls in love with her. Everything is good until the couple has their first sexual intercourse. Lana notices female breasts, but she tells nothing. Moreover, she tells her friends all the details of their night, repeating that Brandon is so handsome (Peirce). Everything seems to be good.
Later, Brandon tries to explain Lana that he is different when he gets to prison for speeding. However, Lana does not want to hear anything about it. The viewers understand that Brandon has gender identity disorder, but they cannot understand why. Peirce did not give much information about the protagonist’s childhood and formation of his masculinity and personality. Nevertheless, one may notice that Brandon and Lana truly love each other, and Brandon even has some plans for their future. However, when Brandon’s secret is revealed, and everybody knows that he is a girl, something changes.
The next scenes of the movie are difficult to watch.…
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