Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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“Here he is,” Mindy said happily when Zack arrived for his detention. Zack looked around. The only people there were Miss Devasquez and Mindy. He knew about the “special detention” that Miss Hartick had put together, and he had expected that he would have to go through the same thing. It didn’t look that way though. He was glad about that at least. He even let himself expect that this might be a regular detention. He asked, “It’s just us?” “It’s just us,” Miss Devasquez said. Playfully, she said, “What were you expecting?” Then the classroom door opened again as Shelly walked in. “Am I in time? Hi, Zack.” Zack groaned. Miss Devasquez was not having that though. “Shelly, why are you here?” “Aren’t we going to, uh, isn’t Zack going to have to?” Miss Devasquez couldn’t help enjoying this. “I think Zack could learn a bit about respecting women. This isn’t an interview though. I can handle this.” “But! Wait, what do you mean?” Shelly didn’t want to tiptoe around it. She shut the door behind her so that she could talk. “If you’re going to strip him down, then why can’t I watch?” Zack said, “Is this necessary? You can do whatever you want to us in the locker room. Do you have to pull us out of there to humiliate us?” “You should have thought of that before you decided to call us alley cats,” Miss Devasquez said. “Shelly, Zack will be uncomfortable enough with just me and Mindy here to see him.” “So what? Who cares how uncomfortable he is? I want to see him naked too.” “Come on!”

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